A new look at the past and present significance of African textile traditions across the continent and beyond, their influence on some of Africa’s foremost photographers and contemporary artists – and on artists and designers throughout the world. The book provides a fascinating insight into the social, political, religious and educational use of a wide range of textiles – and their global significance. The book also demonstrates how African history may be read through the patterns, materials and means of production of African textiles. It highlights the dynamism of African textile traditions – the changes which have taken place in techniques, markets and materials, but also the continuity of ancient ideas and practices associated with textiles.

Winner: Choice (USA) Award for Outstanding Academic Title of 2013
This is a beautiful book. The examples of contemporary textiles are amazing with text that informs and captures the spirit of the cloth. I love it.
Antoinette Kersey
This is a brilliant book on African textiles and is an inspiration to anyone in the textiles industry or arts. There is great information and plenty of beautiful photos.
Marie Joie Hughes.